DiaryZapp has made the finals of the 2018 UK App Awards

With the exciting news that we have made the finals of the UK App Awards in two categories, Best Children’s App and Best Education App 2018. It seems like a good time to take stock – there’s still a huge mountain to climb but I figure it’s ok to take a moment to reflect.

So…. from an idea that we kicked around as a family whilst walking on the coastal path in Cornwall, to being a finalist at the UK App Awards… there has obviously been a lot of hard work and late nights along the way, but what have I learnt, and would I do it again?

  1. App developers and creatives are a different breed to me. I’m a Mum and a project manager and I’ve learnt that lists and being organized are essential for survival.  However, I quickly realised that creatives don’t work like me, so I try to find people who are great at their job, even though I don’t understand it, who I trust and then step back, sit on my hands and let them do their best.
  2. The world of apps and social media is a strange place, just when you find something that seems to be working, an algorithm changes or some regulation steps in and you have to change. I am nowhere near nailing this yet and I’d welcome advice but, in the meantime, I’m just going to keep trying different things and learn to be resilient until something works.
  3. Take the benefits – for me, a huge part of running my own business is flexibility which means that I can be there at the school concerts and the days when a poorly little one needs sofa cuddles, or I can head outside to clear my head, so I should take that time and enjoy it without guilt. I’m sure you’re like me and you drive yourself hard enough so it’s ok to make the most of the benefits.
  4. Working with my husband brings its own challenges, and we are still slowly learning to put walls in around our work time so that we get some down time. Chatting about work issues in bed is a passion killer!
  5. Plug In, Lean In, whatever you call it, just do it. I am fortunate to be surrounded by lots of lovely people who are in different stages of starting businesses.  It’s really valuable to talk to them, share the ups and downs, sometimes be able to pick up a tip, learn a shortcut or even just wrestle with the challenges together.  After a catch-up like this, I return to my desk re-focused and invigorated to carry on.

So, looking back, to draw the strength for the next phase, would I do it all again… hell yes!  And please keep your fingers crossed for us at the UK App Awards!

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