At last, an App that kids love and parents can say “Yes” to….

Screen time battles

Let’s face it, kids love screen time.  As parents we worry that they are spending too much time on their screens and not enough time engaged in creative, positive activities.   Most importantly, we know that we need to embrace technology but we need to hit the right balance.

When we wanted an app that would help our kids keep motivated to write holiday diaries we couldn’t find one, so to cut a long story short – we built DiaryZapp.

DiaryZapp is an app designed by our family for families.   It is a safe place for kids to get creative so they can write, draw, add photos and stickers to create a record of their day.  When you think they are ready, if you decide, you can set up a closed group of parent approved ‘buddies’ for your children to share diary pages with.

Meet the Zappicons!

Children create their own guides or helpers which we call Zappicons.  Through writing regularly and accepting vocabulary boosts, children unlock rewards and accessories for their Zappicon.

Family Treasure

Your children’s diaries become true family treasures.  If you take a minute to look back and remember family adventures, we think you’ll be delighted to see how far their literacy and creativity has come.

Here’s a page that my son created …

Weekend Entry | DiaryZapp |

I’d love to see the diary pages your creative kids come up with.

Happy Half-Term!


Co-Founder DiaryZapp

DiaryZapp is available now in all app stores priced 2.99.  No in-app purchases or adverts.