Miss your kids when they go away for a sleep over? Reduce your worry as a parent and finally make contact fun.

Are you like me and find yourself reaching for the phone to text them or contact the other mum or dad taking care of them just to make sure everything’s alright? Of course you do – it’s natural. It’s instinctive.

So imagine how pleased I was to find out yet another opportunity where DiaryZapp has solved the problems of parenting…

To my surprise I opened up my email to find a request from Ella to view her diary entry for the day that she was away camping with her friend. Back at her friend’s house they’d both gone on DiaryZapp imported their photos and emailed me a link to view their memories.

I was blown away.

It’s one thing for us to ask them to send a message or check in with us, but for them to want to do something out of the blue like that, wow. That for me was just the best email I’ve received in so many ways…

Ella and her friend now have a lovely reminder of their night under the stars, toasting marshmallows, giggling and being eight.

From a business sense the kids are loving it enough to go camping, take lots of photos, import them into the story of their day and send me a link to securely and safely view it.

But from a personal point of view, my worry had decreased! Of course I knew when I was packing her camping bag that she needed more than the glitter and chocolate that she said she’d survive on. I knew that she’s be well taken care of as I know the other mother really well… but you still want to know that everything’s alright without turning into a nervous wreck.

From a parental point of view this weekend has shown yet another plus point to owning and using DiaryZapp in your family.

DiaryZapp can now successfully it’s bridge the gap between ‘checking in’ being a tiresome task that you have to beg your child to do, into a fun thing that you can both look forward to sharing. This instance has definitely been one of those happy surprises in life to feel. I had to share it with you. The scheduled school trips suddenly seem a whole lot less daunting now … phew!