Zappicons created double selfies at BFX Show

Over 700 parents and children came through the doors at this year’s BFX Show’s Family Weekend topping last year’s show and we were there on the Sunday to introduce people to DiaryZapp and our Zappicons.

Everyone who signs up to DiaryZapp gets to create one of these ace little creatures to be their in-app buddy so we decided to lead the way and introduce them to everyone. Kids coming to our stand could colour in their Zappicon’s then make them in DiaryZapp itself.

We had people of all ages, mum’s dad’s and kids all creating their fully customisable Zappicon, making it jump and giggle, before naming it and having a selfie within DiaryZapp and then a double selfie after we’d beamed it over onto a big screen.

Visitors attending saw original artwork flown over especially from Disney and fought off dinosaurs on a green screen.

People could learn how to solve problems with binary code, have a conversation with robots and get creative with a whole host of technology designed to explain how the world works to kids and get them hooked. To do this, kids could create paper electric circuits and pixel art with Simbrix, explore coding and design with Code Masters, Robot Turtles, Potato Pirates and Extraordinaires and even see items being 3D printed using the XYZPrinting Mini Da Vinci printer.

Why is this important?

Because there’s a shortage of coders so the next generation of digital animators, designers, coders and techies are needed to add fresh imaginative ideas to the creative pool. In a world that revolves on new content this is crucial.

Elbrie de Kock, director at Tech Age Kid’s award winning blog said:

‘At Tech Age Kids, we believe it’s so important for children to learn new skills to be able to express themselves and understand the world around them. Events like this one help families to expose their children and teens to new and interesting technologies and career paths.’

And as for our Zappicons? Well they stole the show.

There’s over 3000 ways to style them and yet these identical twins we actually had a pair of identical twins separated across the room design their own and you can barely tell these Zappicons apart…

Thank you to everyone who came along and played with us. We hope to see you at another event soon!