fun, creative, diary app

fun, creative, diary app

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Picture our dilemma – the children’s school says that they’d like each of the students to keep a holiday diary to help prevent learning loss, or ‘summer slide’, over the course of the summer holidays. Easy?

Ella (7) chose a pretty notebook and set about doing it every day but was struggling with her literacy which turned it from a fun task to a miserable half hour. Noah (9)… no chance. It just wasn’t cutting it as a fun activity to do everyday.

After working for some time on entries Ella wanted to be able to share it easily with her friends and family who were constantly asking her what she was up to. Having spent time messing around with photos on phones and tiny text we eventually gave up.

Wanting to encourage and engage the kids we asked them how they would like to fix this. Noah suggested that it would be cool to have a special app on the iPad to be able to import photos and write about their holiday adventures. Ella wanted something eye-catching and fun to use that would be easy to send to her friends so they could stay in touch.

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We were hooked. Not only could we help to tackle the important issue of  ‘summer slide’ by focusing our children’s attention every day with writing prompts to boost their vocabulary and retention skills, but also ensure that they were having fun and easily staying in touch with family members at the same time.

Holidays are a time to be carefree and adventurous; they should be captured and shared, explored and giggled about. Everything you see has been deliberated and chatted about constantly while walking along our favourite coastal path and around the dinner table.

Today, DiaryZapp has grown from family chats round the dinner table to being a creative digital diary that children can keep all year round.

It’s been a lot of fun and hard work to bring Noah’s idea to life.  Chief tester Ella approves of it so we’ve got the thumbs up there!

We’re excited to hear how your children get on with it. Please follow us and let us know. We hope you’re as excited about DiaryZapp as we are.

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It’s about finding the magic that lies in their imagination every day & bringing it to life.

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