fun, creative, diary app

fun, creative, diary app

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Our DiaryZapp S.A.F.E. Assurance


Safe & Secure


Advert & In-App Purchase Free


Fun for all the Family


Easy to Use

Our DiaryZapp Assurance

  • Safe & Secure – you the parent are the gateway for your children’s activity.
  • All personal details are kept strictly private.
  • All-in-one price – There are no in-app purchases or adverts at all. Not one.
  • DiaryZapp is a private journal, sharing is optional and never public.
  • Parents are in control of who is on each child’s sharing ‘buddy’ list and which diary entries get shared.

Get Creative   |    Capture memories   |    Share with family & friends

It’s about finding the magic that lies in their imagination every day & bringing it to life.

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