What is DiaryZapp for Schools?

DiaryZapp for schools is a journalling app with a strong focus on promoting wellbeing in children aged 5-10 years old. 

We have carefully developed an app, which can help children to develop healthy habits through  expressing themselves using their creativity and imagination to create their own daily journal.

DiaryZapp for schools will be available for schools to purchase from May 2021.

How does DiaryZapp for School boost mental health?

  • It provides children with a place to reflect on their day and think about their emotions;
  • Promotes gratitude by encouraging children to recognise things they can be thankful for;
  • Encourages positivity by introducing uplifting themes;
  • Develops consistency through encouraging daily routine;
  • The app is non-judgmental, there is no criticism for bad spelling or messy drawings, there are no wrong thoughts;
  • Journaling helps to develop resilience, creating a visual record for children to see how far they have come.

For more information about DiaryZapp for Schools please contact us

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