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Here at DiaryZapp we know that it’s vital to balance screen time with the other important stuff that kids should be doing like playing, getting messy and having adventures outside so here are some of our top gift ideas for Christmas 2018 which will appeal to outdoorsy and creative kids alike…


Outdoor action gift ideas

  • Power kite, stunt kite, rigid, inflatable whatever – we know kites are traditional but there’s a reason why they’ve been loved for generations.  Kites give you a great reason to head outside on a windy day and feel exhilarated.  All budgets from the pocket version to more technical power kites for older kids.
  • Fire building kit complete with marshmallows – there’s something magical about sitting around a fire and toasting marshmallows on sticks, With grown-ups around, kids can learn about making fires, lighting fires, being safe and having fun.  An inexpensive gift that you can put together yourself.
  • Den kits are awesome used indoors or out, sofas become hideaways for knights or explorers and the tree at the bottom of the garden can be a den for happy days of playing, their imagination is the limit.
  • Step trackers– kids love achievements and watching the steps add up will keep them walking for miles.  Great for walking off the Christmas excesses!
  • Balance Bikes are fantastic gifts for kids at little as two and it sets them off on a journey into the world of cycling which means they can avoid stabilisers as they use their inherent ability to balance and it transfers straight onto a pedal bike as well as decent distance walks for the rest of the family.
  • Scooters are another option in the same vein which allows your little ones to get out and about under their own steam.
  • Running kit – everyone loves running kit and new gear is an excuse to get outside, do you own run or head off to your local park run, get out and enjoy!
  • Nerf guns are seen by some as controversial but we feel that a well planned nerf gun battle between friends can help to learn about setting rules, learning where boundaries are, clearing up afterwards and of course they’re great fun.
  • Binoculars or a telescope open up the skies whether it’s a love of birds or the chance to stay up late on a clear night to look at the stars, kids will feel grown-up with their own equipment, and it might mean they are happy without borrowing yours!

Creative gift ideas

  • Book token – great idea for a day when you have time to mooch, give kids the chance to discover the world of book shops, take time to let them browse for themselves and who knows they might find that book that ignites the flame for a lifelong love of reading.
  • Pens with a difference – Blendy Pens are great for keeping kids interested in drawing or coloring and add another dimension, we also love spy pens for writing secret messages.
  • Butterfly kit which allows children to experience the transition from caterpillar to butterfly for real and then release the butterflies into their garden and enjoy.
  • Scratch off pictures remind us of the ones we used to make as a kid with wax and then black paint over the top.  Now you can buy them ready made and all you do is scratch to reveal what’s underneath.  Fantastic when you are on the go and don’t have coloring pens or paints to hand.
  • Elasti Plasti Slime. The world of slime has gone mad and if you’re anything like us, you’ve had a go at making your own.  Elasti slime takes it to the next level, stretch and play!
  • Make your own soap – as we all try to move towards less plastic in our lives, lettings kids make their own soap is a great alternative to shower gel bottles, or a super present for them to give.
  • Kano coding kits are evolving all the time and give kids a great intro to coding computers rather than just using software that other people have written.  Choose the kit that suits and let the techy fun flow.
  • Lego is of course an old favourite but the kits have moved it onto a different level, sets from a recent movie or a motorized vehicle add interest all over again.
  • Baking sets mean that little ones can get started in the kitchen and even if the end results aren’t always perfect, it truly doesn’t matter as the learning along the way and the fun will make up for it.
  • Kinetic sand is a fantastically addictive invention which is a squishy kind of sand that sticks together when you press is and has limitless possibilities for fun.
  • Build and paint a bird box, bee hotel or hedgehog hideaway, encourage their love of nature and creativity and then watch as creatures move into their creation.

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