DiaryZapp is a kids diary journaling app to enable your child to get creative and capture their daily adventures, broaden their literacy skills and share creations everyday. Watch your child’s confidence grow every time they ZAPP.

Ten minutes is all it takes and we bet they’ll be on longer than that, well they’ll have so much to write about … From magnificent dens, to camping at Grandma’s, there are no boundaries to the stories they can tell.

Our Story

Picture our dilemma – the children’s school says that they’d like each of the students to keep a holiday diary to help prevent learning loss or ‘summer slide’, over the course of the summer holidays. Easy?

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Zappicons are waiting to play!

When your child becomes an official zapper they will meet their very own Zappicon, who needs a cool name, and to be styled.

Zappicon’s are your child’s best friend in the app. They’re itching to help create the best diary ever, sharing helpful hints and tips on how to earn extra points to unlock more stickers to add to their collection.

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Boost literacy and vocabulary skills

Picture the scene: you’re around the dinner table discussing your day and suddenly your child comes out with a word that impresses you when they’re describing their day.

They’ve unlocked cool creative stuff and mascot bits so they’re happy, sorry, ecstatic! And you’re pleasantly surprised, apologies, astounded.
Whenever your child is describing their day, their Zappicon will make suggestions that broaden their vocabulary and their enjoyment. Regular use of the same word across the app, reinforces your child’s spelling of it, which in turn, builds their retention skills.

Summer slide? More like summer pride…

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Capture daily adventures

Behold the mightiest of dens, the fantastic fish finger sandwich, the grins on grandpa and the coolest of airplane flights.

When your child is zapping, every day is an adventure. And, if they don’t feel like writing about their day, they can draw and paint with our extensive toolbox instead. They’re free to be as creative as they like about their day. Let’s face it, without DiaryZapp, how would you know that aliens were under the table, serving gravy to the dog?

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Share moments and build memories

Every child’s diary is a special place to save treasured memories, however, it’s also a quick and easy way to share their news.

From sending Grandma a picture by the pool, to showing their newly decorated bedroom to a happy aunt, you can stay in touch with the ones you love without any extra stress at all. Every single ‘buddy’ that they share their day with has to be pre-approved by you, the chief adult, so you know it’s safe and secure. Find out how it works here

Plus, whilst they zapp, you chill. And all of their best holiday selfies that they’re proud of can be easily ordered as prints with our partner photobox.com

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