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DiaryZapp – the award winning kids digital diary.

DiaryZapp encourages children aged 4 – 10 to write and draw about their day, boosting literacy and having fun, it brings the art of keeping a journal right up to date. Children create their own Zappicon character to guide them through the app. Rewards are unlocked as children expand their vocabulary and write regularly. Moving on, children can share their diary pages with friends and family in a parent controlled network.

Designed by a family for families to use, there are no ads or no in-app purchases. Positive screen time, just the way you want it.



When your child becomes an official zapper they will meet their very own Zappicon, who needs a cool name, and to be styled.

Zappicon’s are your child’s best friend in the app. They’re itching to help create the best diary ever, sharing helpful hints and tips on how to earn extra points!


Behold the mightiest of dens, the fantastic fish finger sandwich, the grins on grandpa and the coolest of airplane flights.

When your child is zapping, every day is an adventure. And, if they don’t feel like writing about their day, they can draw and paint with our extensive toolbox instead. 

Boost Literacy!

Boost Literacy
Picture the scene: you’re around the dinner table discussing your day and suddenly your child comes out with a word that impresses you when they’re describing their day.

They’ve unlocked cool creative stuff and mascot bits so they’re happy, sorry, ecstatic! 



Every child’s diary is a special place to save treasured memories, however, it’s also a quick and easy way to share their news.

From sending Grandma a picture by the pool, to showing their newly decorated bedroom to a happy aunt, you can stay in touch with the ones you love.
  • National Literacy Trust (UK)

    ‘DiaryZapp makes creating a digital diary easy and is an opportunity for young children to create records of their everyday life and promote early writing skills.’

  • CommonSense Media

    Encouraging kids to write daily can be challenging, but this app makes journaling fun, creative, and easy.’

  • IOS Apper

    With this app, your child will learn something new every day and would utilize his/her time in doing something productive.’

  • Charlene, Parent of two

    ‘I love seeing my children’s masterpieces. I have a 5 year old boy who uses it for  drawing and an 8 year old daughter who uses it to capture her day.

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